About webshopgenie.com ecommerce platform

For whom?

Do you want to outsource your logistics, have more insight into your supply chain or are you looking for the best deal for your logistics needs, then shipmentDEAL.com is your partner. We are the right choice for you. With more than 45 years of joint experience in logistics and IT, we combine the best of these two worlds. This gives you real-time insight into the rates and options for your shipments. No logistical challenge is too big for us.

What does webshopgenie.com do for you?

We are happy to map out the logistical problems within your company with you and connect you to our broad network for the best solution. There are options to link your system to shipmentDEAL.com to save even more time and to immediately select the best solution within your system. shipmentDEAL.com handles your complete shipment from A to Z. Anywhere in the world.

How does webshopgenie.com do this for you?

With more than 45 years of experience, the shipmentDEAL.com team has built up an extensive network of partners in air freight, sea freight, express shipments and in the field of courier services. The right solution is therefore never far away.

Why do you choose webshopgenie.com?

  • Always one contact person
  • Large international network of local partners
  • Transparent cost structure and service oriented
  • Easily accessible and immediately assigned an employee the line
  • IT links between your system and ours
  • Personal contact for tailor-made advice

How did shipmentDEAL.com come about?

The platform of shipmentDEAL.com was created by combining the networks of our founders. The frustration that much of the logistics market is fragmented and the desire to do something about it. Clarity, transparency and clarity have been the starting points for arriving at the platform of shipmentDEAL.com.

Thanks to our many years of experience within the various facets of logistics and IT, the solution was clear; put the customer in the driver's seat and let them decide what is and is not necessary. This is only possible if you can get a clear picture about the different options and possibilities.

With this in mind, we have developed our platform in which it is possible to solve any logistical challenge, however complex it may be, clearly and transparently. A clear overview of options and prices gives you the opportunity to make the right decision without paying too much.

An easy overview of your current shipments. A contact person you know personally. A solution that saves you time instead of costing you time.

webshopgenie.com - is an e-commerce platform based on integrated modules and APIs

Our webshop software has various modules and can be deployed in parts, so that your online business can grow into the best webshops and benefit from the best solutions without continuity and integration challenges.

Our technical team is continuously developing new solutions for your business. Think of business-2-business and corporate customer portals, PIM (product information system), management of multiple warehouses, integration with bol.com and amazon.com, inventory management, own fulfillment services and much more.

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