Logistics and fulfillment solutions for e-Commerce and Retail business

Within e-commerce and retail, more and more is being asked of you as an entrepreneur. WebshopGenie offers you enough solutions to ensure that you as an entrepreneur are unburdened. Curious about the options, please contact us! You can also request a custom quote directly. Whether it concerns fulfillment solutions or do you prefer that we offer the total logistics solution, everything is possible within WebshopGenie. With our extensive network we try to provide you with the logistics solutions that meet your needs.

e-Commerce logistics partner for your company

After all, you have started a business in order to be able to do business in the field you have chosen and enjoy. That is why we understand better than anyone that if your goods are ready in Asia, America or the Pacific, you would rather not have to worry about it. At WebshopGenie, we prefer to take care of this for you from A to Z. For example, we can collect your goods from China by sea or air freight and then store them. We also give you the opportunity to use our fulfillment solution.

We give you the opportunity to order goods until 00:00 via your webshop. And then we ensure that the goods are delivered the next day between 17:30 and 21:00 throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. If you are interested in offering your goods on larger platforms such as Amazon or Bol.com, we can assist you with this.

The question now remains how you can keep track of your stocks yourself. WebshopGenie offers a self-designed WMS system (warehouse management system), so that you can see for yourself which goods are still in stock at any time of the day. In this way you can progress in the planning and you can determine together with us when it is best to produce and how your product can be brought to the Netherlands.

So are you looking for a partner with sufficient knowledge of logistics processes? Please feel free to contact us.

In summary, WebshopGenie is your e-Commerce logistics partner!

  • Extensive network of specialized partners
  • 24/7 team
  • Automation solutions
  • Fulfillment solution
  • Oversized transport
  • Integration with Amazon, Bol.com, Wordpress and more
  • WMS (warehouse management system)
  • PIM (Product information management)