Success of e-commerce fulfillment pilot

It's been a month since we started our fulfilment services pilot. WebshopGenie's first fulfilment center is located in the heart of Haarlem Business Park Waarderpolder. The central location ensures fast and accurate processing of orders and returns for our customers. We can welcome and between our first customers.

As a fulfilment company, we ensure that each package is carefully processed and reaches its final destination. We advise customers to provide every ordered item with careful packaging of suitable packaging material, providing the recipient of the webshop has the best experience with the delivered package.

Our shipping platform provides the ability to instantly submit a fulfilment request through a freight deal. Our fulfilment services are based on the fulfilment software that has been developed completely in-house. Specialist e-commerce customers accept passengers' wishes within the process.


What is fulfilment?

Fulfilment in the e-commerce business means a process of all steps to deliver an order to the buyer. Using a fulfilment partner means to streamline the logistics part of the sales process and the smooth ordering process of online business. A fulfilment company, such as WebshopGenie, is normally also an essential e-commerce logistics partner for e-commerce and offers a range of services that revolve around preparing ordered products for delivery. For example, a warehouse to store the stock, track and trace of delivery, inventory management system, integration of multiple sales channels, automated fulfilment software, reporting and much more. It can be argued that automated execution software helps you optimize your sales by a significant margin. The fulfilment service is a must for retailers looking to scale their online business or webshops.

Last month WebshopGenie was able to prove that in addition to our expedition services, we are also a reliable fulfilment partner. We have a direct integration with WooCommerce, Magento and As a WebshopGenie customer you can set up a custom track-n-trace email and page for the customer. Our specialists can help you with implementation and technical questions. We use WebshopGenie WMS (Warehouse Management System) and can indicate low stocks of products and packaging materials in a timely manner.

We have the more competitive execution rates for shipments within the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition to our deliveries within and outside Europe, we can offer hybrid e-commerce solutions. Within our fulfilment center you can arrange part of your shipments yourself and we manage part of your stock and processes. Your advantage is that you can control and regulate everything via one system. Our fulfilment software is designed to work with multi-tenant e-commerce customers. As the owner of multiple webshops, our WMS helps you to administer and plan your stock and shipments in one place.

WebshopGenie is the perfect fulfilment specialist for fulfilment of small webshops and large e-commerce customers. Let yourself be relieved with WebshopGenie's fulfilment solutions and shipping platform. Contact us and accelerate the growth of your e-commerce business.

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Our webshop software has various modules and can be deployed in parts, so that your online business can grow into the best webshops and benefit from the best solutions without continuity and integration challenges.

Our technical team is continuously developing new solutions for your business. Think of business-2-business and corporate customer portals, PIM (product information system), management of multiple warehouses, integration with and, inventory management, own fulfillment services and much more.

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